Reference attributes sort by index, not displayed text

If a table includes a referenced field (e.g., “Company”) and that is used in a sort clause, it appears that some “value” of the reference rather than the displayed information is used in the sort. See the attached screen shot (some text blurred to protect customer information)

As you can see, the Company field is included in the sort, but that appears to be the order in which items were added to that table, not sorted by the displayed value.

Is this known behavior? If yes, can you explain the rationale and how to fix this?

Hello @thom, this is because our system views references as these other items, not as text. So it basically takes the item’s ID as the value, and not the text that is inside.

We will probably work on this in the future, but I do believe it’s a bit challenging for the dev team to make it happen. I will discuss it with them to see what can be done.

It is NOT the referencED table that is being sorted, it is the referencING table colum that is being sorted. The only thing displayed in that referencING column is text. Just fix it.