Reference attributes stopped working

Hi, anyone noticed behavior, that clicking Reference Attribute won’t open linked item, but keeps „spinning the infinity sign/logo“? Im connected to the internet btw… Everything worked weeks ago, but during last days I found this to be more and more often…

Hey there @marek_kopecky :wave:

I have tested our reference feature on our end I did not notice any issues. However, we would like to investigate this issue and help you out with it :pray:

This might be due to the number of attributes you have in that board, it might be due to number of items, maybe it has something to do with the permissions / visibility.

Since this requires going a series of questions and probably even a few screenshots, it would be much easier, faster and better to contact us via live chat support option. You can click on a bubble in the bottom right corner of your screen while in Infinity or on our website and one of our agents will get in touch with you and help you out with the issue you are experiencing.

We are looking forward to your message :pray:

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Any Infinity user had similar problem please? Did you get any help?

Hi there @marek_kopecky

From the updates our team has left us - I can see that the issue you were experiencing is fixed :pray:

Could you tell us if everything is working alright on your end now?

Sorry for delayed reply. Everything is working fine, great.
For the reference in case other users will face this – the issue was maybe caused by the fact I duplicated a folder in Dashboard /as I was building my workflow, I was backing up my „stage“ of work, than after some time decided to abandon the direction and step a few steps back, deleted the oroginal folder and started to work with the backup – and this probably made proble, as my original Folder was deleted. So pay attention for this.

Hey there @marek_kopecky :wave:

Thank you so much for updating us all, we really appreciate it.

If anything else comes up, remember - it is always faster to reach out to us via live chat support where our agents get you the help you need much faster and/or relay the issue to the devs which will prioritize it properly.

Cheers :v: