Reference/Moving items from board to board

It would be great to have the option to move an item from one board to another, and have items linked to more than one board.


Yes! Linking would be great.

I like the idea of being able to reference Items from other boards. However, In order to move items i’d imagine you’d need to have the exact same fields defined, but i think it’s fine to have a separation between boards. You can always use folders and I think that’s what they were intended for.

If I understand correctly, all items in a Board have the same fields/attributes. Even if you create a new folder, the items are still formatted identically. Team Infinity, is that correct?

Hey guys thanks for the discussion, and @tina welcome to Infinity community :slight_smile:

The referencing is definitely something we’re planning to implement very soon, actually, we were discussing it thoroughly yesterday.

We’re going to add new attribute field ‘Reference’ where you’ll be able to ‘link’ Item to an Item. But we’re also thinking to have the reference to a Folder so that you can link one item to multiple folders. I guess this features will expand structuring power so much that it will really become Infinite :slight_smile:

Regarding the Item transfer Board to Board, it’s exactly like @filipv4 said, we plan to keep Boards the main separator of the types of organization/departments/type of data. We’ll have some kind of multiple Copy/Paste option in the near future for the purpose of transferring Items and data.

@adam, all items in a Folder share the same fields/attributes. But if you create items in a new folder and add new fields/attributes to them, other Items in other Folders will not get them. However, on a Board Overview level, all options ( filters, group, show/hide ) will see all fields/attributes from all folders.

Hope this helped… Let me know if you have some more questions regarding this logics.