Remove Folder Prompt Dialog

When removing a folder, it should show us a prompt dialog if there are tasks inside of it.

Otherwise, if we click accidentally, it will be removing all of our tasks.

Hey @muhammad.azhar109 and welcome to our Community Forum! :slight_smile: It’s good to have you here.

Thanks for putting up this suggestion. I’ve just talked to one of our devs, and he’s already on it. :slight_smile: It should be live very soon.

Check on having (multiple) views would be nice as well, even if there are no items in the folder.

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One thing i personally hate are unnecessary dialogue boxes. I think you should have a settings page that lets you choose what dialogue boxes / safety features you want to enable for your user profile.

For new users: have the training wheels on by default, and safety barriers up.
For advanced power users who understand the risks: Give them the option to optimise their personal effectiveness


Thanks for the suggestion @CodeKnight!

I definitely second your opinion. Giving flexibility and personalization features is as important as any other User Experience segment.

I’ll make sure to include this suggestion to the queue.


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