Reporting Function

One of the biggest struggles with a tool like Trello is the ability to report on what happened.

Many times the leader of a board is a technical lead or project lead and need to report progress up to other people. Currently there is no good way to get a what changed extract, view, or really anything out of Trello.

The biggest ask would be for a simple way to say, “Tell me what happened between this date and that date”.

Right now Trello requires manual review and for the lead to really stay on top of things. Sometimes if we have many boards we have to have just a progress board to try and figure out where milestones are. A way to report on progress made would make life so so much easier.

Some suggestions on how this could look…

  • Show where an item started on the beginning date and where it ended on the end date
  • Show number of activities per item
  • Show beginning owner and end owner or members
  • Add an owner field to items such that it can be tracked who owns an item vs who is working on it (big headache in trello)
  • Be able to track members who are active vs observers on items (filtering purposes)
  • Add time tracking to items and export it to items based on members

I can come up with about 50 more but these would be enough to make me pretty happy.


Hey @bagley.travis68!

Thank you very much for taking the time to share your feedback and ideas.

We at Infinity are aware of how important Reporting feature is, especially for bigger organizations/companies where tech/project leads are in charge of literally everything.

TBH, Reporting feature in Infinity is still not a priority, but it is in our Roadmap. The ETA would be May-June this year.

I’ll put your suggestions as one of our User Stories belonging to the Reporting Feature :slight_smile:

However, for now, I think that our ‘Search’ feature could help you out. Have you tried using that one yet?

Thanks again for this awesome message, @bagley.travis68!

Hey Guy’s,

Perhaps it has been addressed in another board/forum? Any updates on where we are with the reporting feature as yet?

The ability to be able to analyse status and impact over multiple boards/workspaces etc. would be greatly appreciated and very helpful.


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Hey @dustine.dupreez,

This is the topic for Reporting feature :slight_smile:

This feature is in the roadmap for mid 2020. :slight_smile:

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I was thinking about reporting feature and I think that with all the flexibility and customization available in Infinity the only way to make it work is to dedicate a separate view called (suprise!) Report. It could function as a kind of wizard (a little bit like current Form view) where you can set chart type (table/pie/bars), data or items range etc and when everything is set you make it ready when everything is beautifully laid out.

What do you think?


That’s terrific, I really like that.

I’ll make sure to forward this suggestion to the team.

As I personally love to work with statistics, metrics and reporting (overall numbers), I’d literally work in this every single day. :slight_smile:

This is dope:


Yeah, that’s great!

In the hypothetical Report view:

  • you could create multiple widgets (but I guess that would require more coding work, maybe Report view v2?)
  • clicking on the statistics would move you to an appropriate item
  • you could have report view only for current folder and special report overview for all child folders (like current dolder overview)

just thinking :slight_smile: