Right click menu

Hey, is this something you have in your backlog? Right klick on an item to quickly change attributes? Similar to what Trello offers.


Hey @Micheco,

Huh, we haven’t seen that functionality before. Does Trello have that? I’m gonna make sure to check it, and see if I can get an idea or two about it :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion!

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Thanks! That would make editing so much easier and quicker.

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Highly second this feature! It is so useful in trello.

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I’m out of votes till some of the other feature reqs gain more traction, but UX and UI remain huge issues for me to reduce friction and onboarding time for teammates, and it’s something that Infinity sorely lacks right now.

Part of Infinity’s clunky-feeling UI is that it’s so disconnected from a native OS application. Right-click menus à la Google Drive or Ora would make the app feel more like a native app.

Here’s a screenshot of Ora’s functional and beautiful right-click-on-an-item menu - http://research.pachecoconsulting.co/zPdfej


I second this and I love how ORA does this although I DO want ORA to add duplicate to the right click list because we use it all the time and it is currently buried in the edit menu.


Hey @micheal, @denny!

Thanks for sharing your thought and Micheal for the screenshot.

I’ll do my best to push this as a priority. I 100% agree with you guys.

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I’m all for this.

Having a right-click menu makes the application feel like it’s more mature. Airtable also has a right-click menu.

Asana also has a nice right-click menu:



Hi @Jordan, thank you for your input!

I can totally agree, right-click menu will bring more maturity to the app overall experience.

Although it’s still not among our priorities, perhaps this functionality can be squeezed in together with keyboard shortcuts (which are on our roadmap). I’ll make sure to see if something like this can be done. :slight_smile: