Roadmap Progress

I´ve been checking in on the Roadmap progress every once in a while and unfortunately there has been no progress for months.
@Jovana Can you give me an update on what´s up with the “in progress” items?

4 weeks ago


Hi @micck, let me give you a rundown of our actual progress with these things. I have just updated our roadmap as well.

For some of these things the progress hasn’t changed, or it has been set unrealistically higher than it actually was at that point. But here goes:

Automations (If This Then That, Recurring items and Reminders) - They are steadily progressing every day. Right now ‘automation’ is one big feature that is being developed as a whole and then when that foundation is ready, we will start focusing on each specific feature separately.

Custom Templates - This feature has been sent to review I believe today, which means we need to test it, our CTO needs to review the code and everything, and we need to prepare the content (UX copy, help article, announcements). We should implement this in the following week or two tops.

Offline Mode - We started working on offline mode quite some time ago but have encountered some challenges along the way which halted the process. Basically, the progress you can see here is not realistic because we realized we were not going in the right direction and would need to rethink this functionality. However, we have re-started working on this a few days ago and are hoping to make better progress soon.

Performance Optimization - This is an ongoing process and we’re continuously working on some optimizations whenever we can add them to our schedule.

Attribute | Link Options - This is a part of a bigger feature that I’ve just added to the ‘Doing’ column, I will add an explanation below (View Settings). This particular functionality is something we started, we created a design for it which is why it’s at 20%, but we’re not working on it as we speak.

Mobile Push Notifications - This has also been submitted for review, we are currently testing it (I’m personally testing this one as we speak, it’s pretty cool to receive Infinity notifications on my phone. :slight_smile: ). Once tested and reviewed, we should set it live and we’re expecting that to happen next week hopefully.

View Settings - I have moved this to ‘Doing’ just now and explained it better + added images of the design. So, we are currently working on a bigger ‘feature’ that includes several UX improvements when it comes to views. You can check it out here. You will find the exact things we’re planning on that item. We will add one of these improvements whenever we can grab some time and we’ll implement each one immediately without waiting for the whole feature to be ready. For example, ‘hide/show empty groups’ while Grouping was one such improvement we added recently.

Regarding some other updates on the roadmap, I had a discussion with our product manager to get fresh info from her, and then I added Folder Permissions and Webhooks to ‘To Do’ - they are planned and ready for us to start working on them (once automations are done probably). And I also moved Google Drive integration from ‘Planning’ to ‘Backlog’ as it’s also been defined by our team.

Hope my answers will give you a bit more clarity on what’s currently going on. :slight_smile:


Thanks very much for the detailed summary @Jovana !
Really looking forward to that automation functionality!

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