Rows in tables are not moving

The rows within the tables are no longer moving. Any assistance is appreciated

Hi there @mobnt :wave:

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We are aware of the situation regarding reordering items manually in the table view - it will be fixed soon, however - since I don’t have a lot of information regarding what is happening on your end, I’ll mention some temporary workarounds that could help you sort this out.

  1. First workaround would be to change the view you are viewing your data in. So if you are using a table view, change it to a list view and try reordering your items in there. Once you are done reordering items in your list view, change it back to your table view and things should be reordered.

  2. You can try grouping your data and then reordering the data (label attribute, members attribute or any other that you think could help you), however - that might not be perfect in this scenario.

Hope that helps @mobnt :v: