Same item in multiple boards

Hello! I’m wondering if it’s possible to have one item appear across multiple boards?

For example, if I have a board that’s used as a ‘team meeting agenda’ and want to add an item (let’s say it’s ‘discuss roster’) is there a way to have the same item appear in another board ‘personal to do list’ so that I know to prepare for it?

I used to do a similar thing in Asana, for example, where you could add one task to multiple projects.


Hi Rebecca,
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Yes, there is a way to do it using the reference attribute: Add a column with that attribute to your “personal to do list” and add the item from your “team meeting agenda”.
It might not be exactly what you are looking for, but maybe it helps.

Have you voted for this feature?


Funny :grinning: I followed that link to go and vote and discovered I had already voted. I hope this will be implemented, though I think it may have been requested in different forms like recurring tasks etc already. So lets hope they are already working on it.

Hi @rebecca, welcome aboard! :slight_smile:

As @micck suggested, you can use the Reference attribute to link your items across one board. However currently it’s not possible to do that across multiple boards or see one item across multiple boards.

At the moment our boards function as separate entities and can’t ‘communicate’. Our dev team has a challenging task to figure out how to change this and allow for other requested features such as, for example, look at all your tasks in a workspace in one place. This will require a serious redesign of our core system, which is why we are still trying to see how we can get there.

Anyway, thanks for the suggestion and for voting in the roadmap of course! And we’ll make sure to consider this as well as we work towards a solution. :slight_smile:

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May I suggest the ability to set a board as a Master Board which those with higher admin rights can use and work with on one board.

With ability to have an entire board appear in folders as if it is a generic folder but all changes can be done from the master board.
This way management can have an overview and work with all the boards for a certain project, but staff only get given access to individual boards.

This would solve the problem that people want content on multiple boards. It wont be but you can work on and have a view of any board within the folder structure of a “master Board”



I decided to add this to the roadmap, please vote for it if you agree?
I realise it is not exactly the feature @rebecca was asking for.

Ps… Infinity!.. please sort out these terribly long card links inside other content so they display nicely with a shortlink.

Best Regards Derrick

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@j11 I have voted for that suggestion. it’s a great Idea.

Thanks for adding it as a suggestion to the roadmap @Derrick!

Regarding the links, I’ll add it as an internal suggestion/note for the team so we can see what we can do about it. :slight_smile:

Thanks, it would be nice if I could paste a card link into a checklist and it actually made sense.

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