Same item in multiple boards


Hello! I’m wondering if it’s possible to have one item appear across multiple boards?

For example, if I have a board that’s used as a ‘team meeting agenda’ and want to add an item (let’s say it’s ‘discuss roster’) is there a way to have the same item appear in another board ‘personal to do list’ so that I know to prepare for it?

I used to do a similar thing in Asana, for example, where you could add one task to multiple projects.

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Hi Rebecca,
welcome to the infinity forum :smile:
Yes, there is a way to do it using the reference attribute: Add a column with that attribute to your “personal to do list” and add the item from your “team meeting agenda”.
It might not be exactly what you are looking for, but maybe it helps.



Have you voted for this feature?



Funny :grinning: I followed that link to go and vote and discovered I had already voted. I hope this will be implemented, though I think it may have been requested in different forms like recurring tasks etc already. So lets hope they are already working on it.