Schedule CSV Export


Hi team,

Can you please advise if it’s possible to schedule automatic csv export at a pre-defined interval?

I need to use the data from 4 different folders to create a weekly report and it would be so much easier if the exports would be done automatically every friday for example.

Many thanks,



Hi @eliot.deschamps Welcome to the community, we are delighted to have you here! :partying_face:

Unfortunately that isn’t possible, manual action is required when csv export is needed, however - it does sound interesting to me and it could be useful for users who use our csv export feature as a reporting substitute (since our reporting feature has yet to be developed and released).

Besides that it would probably require automations for this, so I’ll make sure to create an internal suggestion and discuss with the team if this could be possible or not. :crossed_fingers:

If you want, you can make a suggestion for that over here on our roadmap and allow other users to vote for it. Votes tell us if some kind of feature is needed or if it’s something our users would like to see in Infinity.

Hope that helps :+1: :wave: