Scrolling through Columns - Improvements

In column view when you have a lot of items navigating may become a little confusing. When you scroll down your attribute on the top disappears and you might not know if you are in the right one. I think this becomes more obvious the more columns you actually have. One solution I’d prefer would be if the attribute would be fixed at the top. Another great addition would be to scroll through columns individually and not move all the columns at the same time (Meistertask does both for example).


Hey @sammathis,

That is indeed a great suggestion. I’ll make sure to put it into the queue, and see if we can implement this quickly :slight_smile:

Thank you very much.


Indeed, very good suggestion. Thank you @sammathis!

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Hey guys :slight_smile: @sammathis, @ton

We’ve implemented scrollable columns.

Let us know if this is better?



Thanks! This is a fantastic refinement. It makes long columns more manageable and navigating a page with a lot of content a nimble experience.

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Hey @stefan , Very good refinement! I really like the slick scroll bar!

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