Search is less accurate now (with suggestions)

Hi there @coa,

The search now brings up irrelevant items, and I assume that it is because of the new logic (bring up newest card first).

I think the logic should go in this order:

  1. Item name match
  2. Item creation
  3. Other References in Items
  4. Comments results

I would love to be able to refine searches by where you are looking as well. :slight_smile:

Hi @BaiJie, I just tested the search a little bit, and you’re right. This new logic seems to cause a few problems when it comes to relevance. I’ll add this as a bug/improvement to our backlog so that the dev team can figure out a better way to deal with this. And I’ll definitely add the order you suggested.

When it comes to search refinement, we’re thinking about adding that option.

Thanks! :slight_smile: