Searching Items at Home and Workspace Level


Imagine after moving lots of documents and processes into Infinity, I need to search certain items from Home (Top level) and Workspace level. In the scenario I forgot where certain item located within folder (or folders), I need to search on Board level. Otherwise, I have to go into each Workspace and each Board to initiate searching. I can only see Search Button on Board level.

Is it something available right now?

Hey @irfantony,

I understand completely.

You’re right: You can only search for items on a board level.

I’m not sure how we can implement a Search to the ‘Dashboard’, and introduce the logic to automatically open the board where that specific item is.

However, I’ll create a suggestion in the log.

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@coa I have the same problem. I just paid someone to copy/paste all my task from info Infinity, and I JUST NOW (very late) just realized that you don’t have a universal “search funtion” to seach ALL BOARDS, and that’s NOT GOOD… any ideas/news of when you might add this feature to search ALL of the boards in all companies, or at least all boards within one company?

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I’m sorry that you realized this late! I wish I could change that now.

However, I can try to get an update from the team regarding this and get back to you.

Our overall Search should be improved soon, but I think Q2 2020.

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That’s great to hear, hope to hear about the new upgrades for 2020 Q1 soon, can’t wait for the improvement for the comments section (with ability to add photos/images by doing copy/paste), adding maybe formatted text, adding a “save” button (to be able to type multiple lines of comments BEFORe it saves my comment, etc.)… Thanks!

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I think this would be great to have.

I would hope that the search looks in all attributes of the record.

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Hey there any news over this feature - has it been implemented yet?

We are in the same boat