Server Error 500 - March 4, 2020

I am getting a server error 500. No one on my team can access anything right now. I would ask in the chat on the homepage, but it says the staff is gone until the morning. Can anyone else get to their Infinity page?

No. I have the same error message.

yup. I have the same error

Thanks, I know that a Server 500 error is something on the website side, but just wanted to check i wasn’t alone.

I was getting the same error, but now I’m able to sign in … however, all of my workspaces have disappeared. I sure hope that is a temporary glitch.

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Hey guys!

Yesterday, we’ve had a temporary server issue for about 60 minutes.

This happened due to the migration of our servers to a new infrastructure, as a part of app optimization and performance improvements.

We’re doing our best to minimize the chance of repeating this.

None of the data is lost, and all should have been back to normal after those 60 minutes.

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