Setting Board Permission for Public Board


I want to make a board public I know how to do that but I want to have a form where a Guest can submit a suggestion. I have the form but if I dis allow editing They cant enter any data into the form if I allow editing they can create and modify items on the board. How can I allow one and disallow the other?

Thank you

So you basically want a guest to fill out a form. And you want this information in your board. Should it also be visible for the guest or not?

I tested it and it works for me as it should. Can you explain what you do exactly?

Hello @Alexander.m.koehler! I just tried this as well, and it seems to be working on my end.

I created a public board without any permissions for my guests. But I do have a form in this board which was also made public (perhaps this is the step you are missing?).

Once I enter the board as a guest, I can fill out the form normally, and my submission is saved.

I strongly suspect that perhaps you just forgot to make the form public in this board. Let me know if that’s what it was. :slight_smile: