Setting Time is buggy

For a date field, when more filters and sorting are in action, setting a time in a date field in a table or even in the tasks is impossible. It always resets to 12:00.
Also even if I set somehow the time, in different tables if I sort it - it resets automatically.

This make use of time field impossible.

Hello @martin.jokub, sorry for a delayed reply!

Are you still having this issue?

We have tested this a bit according to the information you wrote but unfortunately, we haven’t managed to reproduce the issue. Also, we haven’t heard similar complaints from other members so we could use a bit more information to look into this. :slight_smile:

If the issue persists on your end, would you be so kind as to reach out to our chat support so we can discuss this in a bit more detail? And if you have a few minutes to record a short video and send it to Boka in our chat support, we would greatly appreciate it.

Thank you!

The issue appeared also to me when I created a Gantt with “reversed timing”: from “Due date” to “start date”. It went crazy resetting all due time to 12:00 and giving me a “start date” before the “due date”. I bet that was the issue.

But I had a problem with time when exporting in CVS, it looks like it does it in a different time zone!

EDIT: I corrected the Gantt and changed back the time and all works fine now.