Share attributes with other boards

  1. Duplicate attributes to other boards (copy).
  2. Add option to the duplication of the attribute popup with the toggle option to create a sym link. So basically link attributes with other boards checkbox. Once checked, show list of other boards containing the same attributes and its data.
  3. If no other board has exact data, show attributes that have many similarities + some similarities. This way the user can click a link behind the show results in that popup that let them show a new blank page with that specific attribute data, so a user can update the data accordingly so it matches. In addition once done and saved, the previous page should get a notification to refresh it in order to see the option for the sym link to be a match.

Hi @alexander!

Thanks for this suggestion.

This is a more advanced functionality, so I believe it might go to low-to-medium priority column. We’re also going to publish an official Roadmap very soon, and you’ll be available to submit your suggestions, after which other community members will vote. :slight_smile:


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BTW. If the use case is to create a new board and use attributes from the old one, you can always duplicate your boards.

If the use case is a simple ‘transfer’ between the two existing and fully functional boards, then don’t mind this :slight_smile:

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Yeah, I mean sync/transfer function because when finding ourselves to be creative in what works best I came to this problem on how to add other boards their attributes to the new board that already contained data and attributes. This might make or break the creative freedom requiring us to first think about everything first (and we know we all adapt every day, specially now)


Will the public-roadmap be out before the new pricing kicks in on 1st of June?

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Hey @pbotadra!

Yes, for sure.

Cutting it so close. With about 6 days to go, I am hoping we can see the roadmap this week


Will do, sir! Will do :slight_smile:

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