Share only one Item?

Has anyone figured out a way/workaround to only share one Item?

Basically, I have a briefing form and after people submit I want them to see ONLY their own brief(Item)

Any ideas?

Hi @kasi, welcome to the community, we are glad you decided to join us here :slight_smile:

You are already familiar with our private folder feature (from the different thread), so that’s something that will be a part of infinity in the future.

For now, you cannot share an individual item only or just an individual folder, but what you can do is move that folder to another board or move that item to another board and share that other board with someone who needs to see it.

Depending on who those people are (if they are clients for example) it might be better to have separate boards for them, and let them add to that board (whether that’s through a form) by giving them the access (sharing a board with them) or inviting them as a collaborator.

Just know that we have a live chat support, so the fastest way to get answers / help is through our live chat support. (bubble in the bottom right corner of your screen while you are in infinity or on our infinity website )


Hope that helps.