Short cut for bulk select and paste?

Is there a bulk select option, to select multiple cells like in Excel etc. I.e hold shift and arrow, ctrl+c, ctrl+p etc?

There is … was announced while ago … its something like hold the shift key down & select the row, might be the ctrl key or maybe both … not sure as dont use the function, but do know it was put there … that is, in main table view only.

I would like to know if you can bulk edit one field’s attribute in a column. For Instance, you add a column and want a value in the column to be the same but you have 100’s of item rows. Instead of just one edit per item, can you select the column field and paste the value for all?

@betsyparsons as mentioned above, hold shift and click the top item, scroll down and do the same with the bottom item. That will select every item between.

The way to bulk edit, is to tie a button attribute/automation combo to the attribute that you want to bulk edit. Select the items you want to change and click the lightning bolt to find your button automation. Remember to go into your automations and change the value each time you need to switch the attribute to a different value.

I have a button tied to each attribute that I commonly bulk edit. Please note that each item changed this way counts as an automation run…