Show Members as Name/Username not just photos


Add the ability to show members as Name and Username not just as a photo/image/headshot for them. I would like to display the actual names in Table/List views rather than just as an image which I can sometimes barely see. This also helps other team members figure out who is responsible for something if a member has not put a photo in for their profile and still makes sure they get tagged as responsible so we can sort on it. Actually, I think the option to display members name and username should be an option everywhere.



Hey @denny,

Thanks for the suggestion! I love it.

I’ll make sure to put this into the suggestion queue, and ask our devs + UX/UI designer on how it could fit the current flow. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much.

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Agree strongly with @denny. This will be important for my organization as we are a large-ish organization (400 users) and no facility for individual photos. I’d like to add to the suggestion in that real name would be preferred over username, and I’d like it to be both First and Last names.



Is there any update on this?



Hello @tulaya, welcome to the community!

Unfortunately, there is no update on this functionality. However, if you hover over the assignee’s avatar, you will see their name, which can help in this situation.

It is also advisable to let your team know what is the proper way of creating their Infinity account - for example adding their full name. They can edit it also after creating their accounts.

We can’t really limit the account creation to only full names because different teams prefer different settings. :slight_smile: