Show or hide individual columns in column view

When creating a label it is then used across all the folders in my board. While I would like to see that label across all folders in the Board Overview, it would be useful to show/hide the labels in column view in each folder.

For instance, I am tracking work with different customers, each of which has its own folder. While there are a variety of fields that will be the same across all the items (name, description, complete checkbox, start date, etc.) there is one field in particular that will vary across customers, the Department. I also like to visual my work in columns by department which means I need to use a label to store the Department. The departments I work with at customer A are (potentially) different from those at customer B. Today, if I choose the column view and group on my Department label I will see every department from every customer.This creates an issue with the column view because I end up with a ton of columns that are not used, and likely will never be used for a given customer. If I had the ability to either filter out empty columns or show/hide columns or show/hide labels based on the folder I’m in, that would be very useful.

Customer A
Customer B
Human Resources

In both of these cases I will see Marketing, Sales, and Human Resources in the column view. I would like to be able to filter out Human Resources when looking at column view Customer A’s folder and filter out Sales when looking at column view in Customer B’s folder.


Hi @Bradley,

thanks for the feedback and detail explanation :slight_smile:

Yes, the empty labels are annoying, we will soon add the option to hide them or filter them out.

P.S. Did you try to use folders to separate departments?
That way you’ll be able to use different labels for different folders, and still keep the option to see all tasks in the Overview.

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Hi, has this been implemented? I’m asking because I can’t find it.

It be very useful because I imported a board from trello and now I devided the cards/item into 3 segments/folders (and I couldn’t do it with trello) but all the labels “Lists” are presented in all folders and it makes scrolling a chore.