Slack integration


Add general Slack integration similar to what you see in other tools.



Will do, sir!

Zapier supports Slack, and we’re releasing integration with Zapier in 4-6 weeks :slight_smile:

All the best!



Zapier and Slack? If all team communicates and notifications are sent via Zapier, I have to be a millionaire to pay for it lol. Native would be better, but I am personally waiting for a native chat.



Yeah direct Slack integration is critical. While I love Zapier I think linking an internal API to a system like Slack is most useful.



External Webhook calls… while an internal API may be for requests into Infinity, an external Webhook (URL) that we can POST notifications to (similar to Slack notifications) would be very much appreciated. This Webhook (URL) should be added on a per Board level, if not at a Workspace level. This will help us with external automation of tasks. Please add. Thank you.

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Hey @joseph,

Welcome to the CF! :slight_smile:

That’s an awesome suggestion. We appreciate the detailed analysis on this feature. It’s in the suggestion queue. :slight_smile:

Thank you!

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@coa Wanted to share with you kinda how I envisioned the Webhook.

The attached image is a task (edit mode) in a process list within Tallyfy. Tallyfy is a task list/process manager/SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) type of system. The individual task editor has an advanced option that allows us to fire off a Webhook once the task is marked “Completed”. Therefore, automation can be performed on a task level.

Within Infinity, my idea is for each task to have this option. However, a certain task field (such as “Status” or “Stage”) would need to have a certain “Completed” or “Finished” value that triggers this Webhook to be fired. Then, all of the current task’s data will be POSTed to the defined Webhook URL.

Then again, more than one field should be able to have one or more options defined that will emit a Webhook. The reason is that a “Complete” status or “Finished” stage change is only one scenario for a task to emit. For example, we may want ANY status change to emit a Webhook to coordinate an email or SMS always be sent…

That’s my idea anyway. Let me know what you think.

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Hey @joseph,

Thank you very much for your thoughts and ideas.

I personally think that Tallyfy did a great job with the webhook feature.

Your suggestion regarding implementing a similar solution to every task in Infinity bothers me because of a single reason: What could be the trigger? A change of the value in label attribute? Or a checkbox attribute? Or in a text field?

That indeed could be tricky (I guess).

Personally, I don’t have too much knowledge about the development process behind it, so I’ll dare to call @damir89 and see what does he think about this. :slight_smile: