Smart (human) dates


I’d like the dates in the date field to be more… human :slight_smile:
So e.g. iI have a task due in 3 day (on February 12th, 2019) I’d like the field to return just “in 3 days”, tomorrow -> “in 2 days”, on 11th -> “tomorrow”, on 12th -> “today”, on 13th -> “yesterday”.

It would be also a nice touch to color code the dates, so you can assign color e.g yellow to due dates between 7 and 1 in advace, orange to the due date, and red to past due.

What do you think?


Hey @man

Thanks for taking the time to suggest this.

This is an awesome suggestion! I’ve took a screenshot of this suggestion and put it into the backlog of ideas on how we can improve existing features and attributes.

You 'da best! :slight_smile: