(solved) Items not showing up on the calendar

We’re using infinity for project tracking.

I have 
|- sub1
  |- sub2  - date in here
     |- sub3
  |- sub2
  |- sub2 - date in here

I have an item in each “date in here” with a date attribute. Only the ones from the top folder are showing up on my calendar.

When I do an overview the top item shows up, in the folder itself it shows up. Even when in the bottom “sub2” folder, the items don’t show up in that folder specific calendar either.

Am I doing something wrong or legit bug? Would really like to have this.

@Maveric100 Hey Wes!

It’s been a while :slight_smile: Welcome back.

This could be an issue on which two things could have an influence:

  • Selecting the appropriate date in the ‘Select Range Date’ option
  • Bug from our side (as we’ve had some calendar changes because of the final touches on Gantt)

Do you mind if you created a short video and sent either here, on this topic, or via PM?

Just to make sure we’re 100% aligned on this issue.

Thanks, we’ve been using the product for the past several months and love it. Finally getting prepped to make is a staple for the new year and getting our templates all setup. Keep up the great work guys.

Video is located here: https://vimeo.com/user106822522/review/381574932/69e8108e57

When you go to overview, you can see that the calendar item “job info” folder shows up. Scrolled to the right is the name that shows up in the calendar.

When I click into “hours” folder, the same date is there. The items don’t show up on the calendar view for that folder, or the overview.

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Hey @Maveric100,

Thank you very much for the kind words! :slight_smile: We’ll definitely keep improving and growing.

So the thing is that our Overview is a bit buggy and the moment, because of the Calendar (Gantt) changes we’ve done in the previous weeks.

We’re hoping to resolve this issue and release Gantt very, very soon :slight_smile:

BTW. When I enter that link, Vimeo says that the page can’t be found…

Sorry. I’m not normally a video poster. I think this link should work?

For this particular issue, it’s not just overview. Both overview calendar view, as well as calendar view in the folder in question don’t show the items. This leads me to believe I’m doing something wrong, but I’ve tried lots of configurations and can’t get it to show.


Hi, this video works fine.

I’m not sure if this is the cause but in the caledar view and first example you have the same attribute (start) and in the other example it’s “date visited” while calendar is still set to view “start” attribute. Can you check if changing it solves the problem?

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Oh man do I feel silly. I looked at that several times and just thought “yeah, start date”… Because the other default option after that is “end date” in the filter because I have a field named “end” that is a date.

Honestly I expected I was doing something wrong because the one item was working.

Something I would suggest is not putting in a default filter like that. I would expect that if I didn’t put in a filter that there are none. There may be a technical reason for it, but it confused me obviously.

I will mark as solved. Thank you guys for your time.


:slight_smile: Don’t worry, I’ve made such mistakes so many times so I know where to look if someone has a problem :laughing:
You’re right about not putting default filters, I just don’t remember when (in what circumstances) you set them manually and when they appear automatically.

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@man a lifesaver :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot. It’s good to have such an engaging community when I’m all caught up by different messages. Cheers, bud.

@Maveric100, thank you for all the patience and understanding :slight_smile:

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