Some way to add assets to a specific folder

Apologies if this feature req already exists in some form or another.

I would love to be able to save assets to Infinity from anywhere. For example, I’m scrolling through Twitter on my phone and I find an image or infographic that I want to save for one reason or another, for later consumption. Would love to be able to get this into Infinity somehow, and into a specific folder. Maybe email? Maybe text? Is this the kind of thing that Zapier can do? The less of a hassle the better - I think saving the image, loading up Infinity app (one day), navigating to a folder, and uploading it would be too many steps removed. How to optimize that flow to one or two clicks/taps?

Yes. This is something I could use too. Milanote does this extremely well with their Web Clipper Chrome Extension. With it you can save images, links and text from anywhere on the web to a specific board (it uses a board structure, rather than folder structure).

Perhaps Infinity could create a Chrome extension with a similar functionality.

Hey @micheal, @chrish!

Thanks for your input.

As Zapier is merging 2 apps/tools, I’m not really sure if that would be possible with it.

A Chrome extension could probably do the work :slight_smile: Extensions are, either way, on the roadmap. I’ll make sure to put this specific request in the queue.


I was thinking more along the lines of mobile, for which I don’t think a browser extension would help much, but I’ll take what I can get. :slight_smile: