Something went wrong errors

I was moving some items between status columns in the Bug Tracking template and found that after moving some items, I see a Something Went Wrong error in the lower right of the screen. However a refresh of the page shows that the items were in fact moved, so I am not sure what the error indicates. I have included a short video of what I am seeing as pictures are worth a thousand words.


Hey @mike.shappell,

This might have happened due to the minor server crashes we’re having as final steps to a new infrastructure migration.

Please, let me know here, in this thread, if the same situation happens again (we’re hoping that the new infrastructure will finally be done in the upcoming days).

Thank you!

I just tested again and the problem is still occurring as of this morning (now).

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Oh damn it. Is that Safari?

Yes. Safari on the Mac (Catalina).

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I’ve been experiencing a little of the same behavior when rearranging, adding, editing and changing attributes in the side-modal in table view.

Using Chrome. It hasn’t predictably or consistently occurred, but occasionally. Not enough to cause alarm, but it’s odd behavior. Refreshing the page resolves it and the changes hold. It’s been happening the past couple of days and appears to coincide with new infrastructure migration.

As of today, the something went wrong errors are gone, but now when I move an item I see a message that Value was changed on another device.

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Hey @mike.shappell,

How exactly did this happen? After which actions has the message ’ Value was changed on another device ’ appeared?

The same example as the GIF I uploaded, but instead of seeing the error I now see the new message. If needed, I can create a new video.

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