Sort by Item Activity (Last time edited)

Hi There,

It would be sweet to be able to sort items based on the last time they had an action performed inside the item (Comment left, or attribute edited)

That way I could see quickly the items that I have neglected/forgot.

Hey @BaiJie,

I’ll make sure to share your idea with the developer team.

I personally don’t know what effort and time it would take to build a functionality such as that one, so I don’t want to estimate anything.

When I get an answer to this suggestion in our feature/suggestions queue, I’ll make sure to forward the reply.


Hi @coa,

Any update on this? I still think this would be awesome for making sure items don’t get lost.

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@coa I need this so badly.

Hi @cookiedoughdigital!

You can actually do this already. A few weeks ago we implemented a new attribute called ‘Updated At’ - you can find it on the list if you click to add a new attribute.

Once you add this attribute to your folder, you can then Sort by Updated At. :slight_smile: Please let me know if you’ve managed to find this and set it up.

Sorry to say this still doesn’t work. When I leave comments, the item does not update, and sorting doesn’t show any reflection.