Sort by Label > Order

Hello, I tried to search but didn’t find anything so I hope I am not duplicating any issue.

I’m sorting my tabs with multiple criteria, very happy of this functionality but I’ve some problems in arranging my expected order.

e.g. my criteria is:
sorty by priority then sort by stage then sort by name than sort by effort

Priority, stage and effort are label type fields.

Let’s take my first criteria: priority
I firstly created this field by adding these options: low, medium, high and critical.
Order creation is rational.

Then I’ve added a new label: postponed, which in an order of priority gets the lowest level for me.
Sorting is taking by default the creation order, so this wasn’t fitting my need.

Since I was not able to manually change the order of labels under my attribute, I therefore tried to rename my labels, starting from 0 or 1 with postponed and scaling up with increasing values for my high and critical labels. I hoped the sorting would have considered the label name, but this didn’t happened. I understand it as it would not have been ideologically corrected.

So, I am here to ask: am I missing something? :slight_smile: Manual sorting of these labels can be done? Or is it something you understand and can fix?

Sorry if I was too verbose, but I always have the feel that synthesizing I would not have been understandable! Thanks.

Hey @Francesca,

I understand completely.

I think this will be fixed once we enable ‘Label reordering’ when you edit a Label attribute.

I hope this will be enabled today or tomorrow :slight_smile:

A workaround, for now, would be renaming the labels and changing colors, thus creating a manual order. :slight_smile:

Great news you are working on it @coa
I’ll wait then!