Sort does not sort as expected using reference columns

When I have a column that is a reference, and I elect to sort by that column, it does not sort at all.

For example, if I have a folder called “Departments”, and each record has a “name” attribute with data like “Sales”, “Support”, “Operations”.
And then I have an “Employee” folder, with a reference column and I select a “Department” record for each row. If I sort by that reference column, I would expect it to sort it in alphabetical order by name (whatever data is shown in that column). But no matter how I sort, the order does not change.

And my sorting configuration. I did not include the “Line Participant” column above because it has real people’s names. But as you can see “Line Name” is the first sort, but it’s not sorted.

Hey @SeanInVa!

Thank you very much for reporting this issue.

We weren’t aware of this, and we’ll start working on this bug ASAP.

I hope that the fix to sort by simple alphabetical order will be okay and achievable.

Thanks again :slight_smile: