Sort individual Groups by Attribute in Columns View

The option to sort individual Groups by Attribute in the Columns View would be greatly appreciated.

If I understand the current functionality, Items in Groups are sorted by when they were added with the most recent addition available at the top, unless Sort (by Attribute) is applied to all Groups. The current functionality is appreciated as a default but the addition of the Sort by Attribute functionality being added to individual Groups would be appreciated (Figure 1).

I believe this is the feature requested in this post (Sorting Feature isn’t Permanent), but it was difficult to locate so I felt that creating this post might help others who would also like to see this feature.

Figure 1

Hey there @Dark_Corvid,

I’m freaked out by your nick here on the CF! Too similar to COVID. :open_mouth:

All jokes aside, thanks for the suggestion! If I understood well, you wish for attributes to be sorted alphabetically in a tiny ‘modal’ that pops when you click on the Group, in which you’re choosing by which attribute to group your items by?

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Hi @coa,

Sorry for the disturbance. Dark_Corvid has been my internet monicker for a while. The current pandemic causes an unfortunate reading of it. My apologies for any distress.

I think we understand each other. If I understand Infinity’s Attribute feature, they are a set of tags that things can be sorted by. So, yes, what I’m requesting is that the same “Sort” function used to globally to sort columns be carried through to allow for sorting items withing the columns on a more granular level.

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@Dark_Corvid no worries man! I was more referring to the frequency of how often we listen about this, mostly via media and on Internet. The panic, theories, etc are what are stressful, not the COVID itself (that’s my personal opinion, maybe I shouldn’t share this here). Anyway, no worries, you’re not causing any stress. :))

I believe we understood each other perfectly on this matter! I’ve put your suggestion to the queue, and the team will discuss it, of course. :slight_smile:

I’m hoping that the start on new functionalities and features can start in the following weeks, as the work on the stability of the app has been progressing well! :slight_smile:


@coa Awesome! Glad to hear things are progressing well. I use the app daily and look forward to the updates!

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