Special assignee for sub tasks


I recommend sub tasks to have special assignee so, the assignee can do that sub task

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Hi @alarabia Welcome to the community, we are happy to see you here :+1:

Thanks for suggesting that. Once we implement our “sub-items” feature, you will be able to assign assignees to it. Currently “sub-items” feature is in our backlog, here’s where you can see it and vote for it. LINK

For now, you can try and organize your subtasks in a subfolder, you can create them as individual items, add due dates, start dates, assignees and anything else you want, then you can link those subtasks with the main task in the main folder by using our reference attribute. This requires more effort in order to organize those subtasks, but it can be done. I think it’s worth mentioning it as it might be useful to you!

If you would like to request a feature or suggest something to us, then I suggest visiting this page :wink: