Split Screen View

Okay, here’s another one: How about a split screen view?

It would be great, for example, to see the list of tasks in, say, Table View… then open a simultaneous window into Timeline/Gantt view. That way it would be easy to see how the changes in one affect the other.

Is this possible/practical?


Great idea. In another web app, I just use two browser windows but when I make changes in one window I have to reload or change view in the other window to see changes.


@adam, @man thanks for the suggestion.

Currently we have Tabs. You can create as many Tabs you want in the same folder to see the same data.

You can use Tabs to create different views of the same data. It’s not on the same ‘page’ like split screen, but it’s just one click away :slight_smile:

Check out this video to see Tabs in action.

However, we’ve noticed a need to have something like you described, to be able to see the two same sets of data, but grouped differently, so we’ll definitely have a Split Screen in mind for the future.

Thanks :slight_smile:

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After viewing the video I’m afraid Infinity is going to be too powerful for me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I love your work, guys :slight_smile:

As for now, can i have 2 separate browser windows displaying 2 different tans and when info is changed in one tab, the other updates automatically?


We sure hope so haha, thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:

Yes, items and data connected to them are the same, it’s just the way you visualize them is different. Each Tab has it’s own settings:

  • View Type ( List, Kanban, Calendar, Table… )
  • Filter ( You can filter by any attribute you have :slight_smile: )
  • Group ( You can group by any attribute )
  • Show/Hide ( You can show/hide and reorder any attribute )

When you change, for example the name of item, or label, or a member, it will be synced in each tab as well.

Looks like this is working as expected now, if i understand what you are saying correctly.


Yes, you’re right. I guess I’m sometimes forget to express my appreciation :wink:

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