Spreadsheet backend

I’ll be honest that I’m not even sure how feasible this is. That being said, having the ability to have a table view backend to something like Google spreadsheet would be awesome.

I don’t expect infinity to implement a full feature spreadsheet, but having the ability to work in a spreadsheet for full features, and have the rest of the team just be able to use infinity as the Central point of contact would but a huge boon. Even if it has a 10-15 minute delay for sync time.

Things that would be nice to have copied over:
Tell text/numbers
Text color
Cell color
Formatting (width / heigh of cells)

Thanks for making a great product, and keep up the great work.


Hey @Maveric100,

Thanks for putting up that one.

I 100% agree with you. If we want to compete with some of the biggest players in the game, we’ll definitely need to step it out when it comes to certain features (or views, such as Table).

Although this is not our priority right now, it is planned to work more and develop better version of Table View in the near future. I wouldn’t like to put a rough estimate, but let’s say May - June.

Thanks again for the suggestion and the kinds words, man!

You absolutely rock.

Hello, on the same topic…

I’m using a table view to catch some notes I take about some projects, I understand I will use the tb view also for managing some other stuff in a project (such as attachments or members for tasks), but now I’m finding the tb view very usefull also as a bloc notes*.

It seems to me that it has not already been said and that there isn’t already a way to do it, but I am thinking that some formatting would be useful.

In my case, for example, I would like to put the task name in bold (td:first-child) and I would like my description text to be displayed entirely, of course with text wrapping.

What d’you think about this?

(*) The way how I use a view is maybe of little interest, but I think that sharing the uses can be useful to you for the development and annd to us too to understand how to get the most out of the tool.


Hey @Francesca,

I really like how you use Table View. It sounds very interesting, and if you’d like; feel free to share with me a few screenshots in the Direct Messages.

Regarding the Formatting; For now: we have formatting included in the ‘Long Text’ Attribute, but we’re planning to widen the options of using it.

A plus one to that: Sorting your items by a certain order is also on our priority list, so you’ll definitely be able to get more creative using Table View soon :slight_smile:

All the best, Francesca!