"Sticky" Attributes

This is an image of attributes in one of my folders. The First “Subtasks” doesn’t have a remove option. I don’t think I ever created it. I do have a folder with that name though.

Is Infinity listing the folder merge as an attribute here?


It looks like a reference attribute so i guess it’s unremovable until you delete the subfolder. You can hide it in the vuews, though, I guess.

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There is actually a second “Subtasks” Attribute. I only have one folder with that name.

I think I have what is going on here:

This is a screenshot from a reference attribute of “A” Company’s Item:


This is the reference from “W” Company’s item:

I think the way it should work is that both items have the same attribute, the way it is displayed in “W” Company’s reference format.

Yeah, you might be right, first time I looked at your post it was late and I guess I had some perception issues :wink:

Hey @BaiJie,

Yup, that’s the automatic ‘back-reference’ named after the folder in which the linked items are (to the items from the original folder).

Though, I think it should be erased after the initial ‘Reference’ attribute is deleted.

Are you sure you want that? :smiley:

Hi @coa,

Yeah, I don’t want to delete the back reference. I do think that instead of creating another reference attribute, it should just be one reference attribute that is automatically added to the folder that is referenced.

That way, I know what I actually want to delete. I spent a ton of time staring at that list, and couldn’t figure out what I was actually looking at.

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Yeah, I believe the current Reference attribute can be tough to understand the way it works now.

That’s why we’re currently in the process of brainstorming a potential refactor/complete change of this feature, as it’s also messing with our performances… That would be the final performance update, btw.

Sounds good to me!

I do think the easiest way would be to add the attribute to both files. I think this issue can also be combined with a bunch of other feature requests… It truly is a complex little beast!

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