Sticky notes or notepad

Would love a way to have a board that allowed “sticky notes” or notepad.

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Hi @emily :wave:

We are going to have a document view in the future, which will allow you to create some sort of documents, notes, stories or store similar types of information.

I am not entirely sure how “sticky notes” or “notepad” would fit in with Infinity, but if you have some examples that you think would work well, feel free to share with us. It would be interesting to see it from your perspective.

For now, you can use our long text attribute and store notes / text in there and format it with our rich text editor, you can also add attachments, embed youtube videos - which will help you tell a better story or have a more memorable note.

Hope this helps :v:

At the moment I find the best way to make notes is to use comments,
However comments cant be searched as far as I know or displayed as an attribute.

The long text attribute is fine for a description but if you want to make a lot of notes, it could get very long and hard to find things, also it can get deleted very easily, compared to comments, I would normally just put a message in description saying notes have been placed in comments.
obviously it might be an issue if other people are actually using the comments as comments.

@Derrick, You’ve got a point about them being deleted easily…in my case due to fatigue and sloppy hand/trackpad activity.

@marko, On that note, how about adding a “Lock contents / Unlock contents” function to the long text attribute? It’s a field where users put a ton of critical info/data/notes/ideas/email drafts, etc. I know I do.

Having the ability to use “Lock contents” would make for safer, delete-free quick scrolling and cursor movement - especially in a long text field that is extensive and contains a lot of crucial information. When we want to edit we could easily “Unlock contents”. Unlock should be the default setting for those who don’t want to lock the contents, or only occasionally want to lock them.

I added it to the Public Roadmap, so everybody please go give it an up vote: “Lock contents / Unlock contents” of Long Text attribute

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Hi @chrish :wave:

I like that idea a lot to be honest, I am not sure how complex / hard it would be to develop - but I do see how good it can be. (I also believe that additional permissions could help with this specific use case).

I have upvoted the suggestion myself, so thank you for suggesting it and posting it here :v:

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