Storage Usage & Linking Image

Is there a way to view the Storage Usage Data?

I noticed that when you ADD or ATTACH an image, it stays in the STORAGE… even though it has been DELETED already. I do not know if this happens also if we delete a WORKSPACE, BOARD, FOLDER or ITEM… if it adds up to the limited STORAGE of the account.

About linking image:

Inside the EDITOR, is there a way to link (from a different website) and view an image instead of automatically attaching it which results in adding up to the STORAGE?

Hey @avg,

We’re planning to include a panel with the Storage Usage amount very soon.

I’ll make sure to forward your message to the CTO and see what he has to say about this the process of images staying in the storage after being deleted.

Honestly, I have to check about units like workspace, board, folder & item.

If you mean pasting the link from other website to Infinity ‘Long Text’ attribute, that’s the only way.

Sorry if this is not the best response you’ve expected, but I’ll make sure to get more info ASAP.

“Long Text” attribute is what we have now to write docs. As per @stefan message inside Facebook, you plan to create a special “Document/Editor” to view documents as wiki.

But @coa there should be a way to embed an Image link or video link that does not automatically upload to the Storage. What is happening is when you paste an image link in “Long Text” attribute, it looks like a link? Not an embedded image. And if you try pasting an image link to “Attachment” attribute, it uploads the image to the storage.

Wikis provides project instructions for clients or added Infinity member to follow in the form of embedded image or embedded video from a different website. For now, it limits us to the “Long Text” attribute to create small wikis / instructions that does not allow embedding of an image or video (embedded links from a different website)

By the way, the image that I attached and DELETED, still exist on your Amazon AWS. The link is still live even though it was deleted.

@avg, Hey!

So the thing is, for now, it isn’t available to embed the image via the action you mentioned (paste the link, and for the image to show).

We’ll think of a solution for this, but using the Attachments attribute could work.

And since I’ve mentioned Attachments attribute, and since you’ve outlined the behavior that happens:

For now, as a lot of members are outreaching via live chat to restore certain attachments, other values, units (such as attributes), we do keep them on our AWS server.

Our developers are in the process of creating an automated process where that data will be automatically deleted after 7 days from (AWS) server(s).

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