Strange behavior - Add new task from Calendar view


In one of my calendar views something really odd happens. (I created a Copy so you can check - Editorial > Calendar View)

When in calendar view, and I click on + (plus sign) to add a new task directly on Calendar, the task is created one day before.

I’ve checked other boards and calendars and this is only happening on this one. Could you please check?

Sorry. I forgot to mention that I tried changing the “End date” to “Start date” and vice-versa in this and in other calendars. And this still happens only in this one.

Hey @Tayshiro,

Thanks for reporting this issue.

We’ve encountered it before, but we couldn’t identify the reason behind it.

It’s strange especially because it happens in only some boards.

Do you mind sending me your email address and the name of the board in the private message, here on the Community Forum?


Community are not allowing me to send the message, so I’ll send it over (hidden) here


“Organização” and “Organização for checking”

I am also having this issue! Let me know if you need anything

Hey guys,

Still trying to identify the bug, it’s definitely due to Time Zones…

I’ve involved our CTO into the discussion, and he’ll try to fix this issue.