Sum not possible when choosing Formula Column


Hi. When I choose Formula Column and I want to sum it, it is not possible.

Any idea?




If you hover your mouse below the add new row you will see a summary popup

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Thank you for your answer Simon. I do see summary popup, but can’t choose ‘‘sum’’ when i use ‘‘Formula Coloumn’’. See the photo.

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Hi @miha.prosen Welcome to the community, we are happy to have you here :+1:

Our Formulas work with 3 different attributes - ‘date’, ‘text’, ‘numbers’, and because of that it is a bit tricky for our developers to implement the same summary options as with the number attribute. However, the team is aware of that, there have been many suggestions to fix and improve this and we hope that our dev team will be able to find a proper solution for this and implement it in the future.


Formula Attributes (Sum Columns)

Thank you for the info.

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please go ahead with a sum feature for formulae. if the user has entered a “date” and “text” field a message that could pop up is #ERROR of the like. the user will most likely address this issue a the database level. as a feature sum is very important and not having it is limiting indeed… so HELP

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Thanks @deepak! We are definitely planning to add this option. We will just see how soon it can happen due to these challenges. :slight_smile: