Sum not possible when choosing Formula Column

Hi. When I choose Formula Column and I want to sum it, it is not possible.

Any idea?


If you hover your mouse below the add new row you will see a summary popup

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Thank you for your answer Simon. I do see summary popup, but can’t choose ‘‘sum’’ when i use ‘‘Formula Coloumn’’. See the photo.

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Hi @miha.prosen Welcome to the community, we are happy to have you here :+1:

Our Formulas work with 3 different attributes - ‘date’, ‘text’, ‘numbers’, and because of that it is a bit tricky for our developers to implement the same summary options as with the number attribute. However, the team is aware of that, there have been many suggestions to fix and improve this and we hope that our dev team will be able to find a proper solution for this and implement it in the future.


Thank you for the info.

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please go ahead with a sum feature for formulae. if the user has entered a “date” and “text” field a message that could pop up is #ERROR of the like. the user will most likely address this issue a the database level. as a feature sum is very important and not having it is limiting indeed… so HELP

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Thanks @deepak! We are definitely planning to add this option. We will just see how soon it can happen due to these challenges. :slight_smile:

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A table without the possibility of calculate and group formula fields makes not much sense to me. That is such of a basic feature. Airtable has the attribute time which can be calculated with ease.

Sorry, but this such of a basic need. Without it Infinity has no use to me.

I am one day over money back guarantee so I think I am bound to Infinity for life. I am not angry but quiet a bit frustrtated.

Yes, there are still some ‘basic’ features missing in infinity, but the team has been improving the so drastically during the last year. Given the team is bigger now the progress this year should even be bigger. So be sure to hang on or come back from time to time to check out what has been implemented.
If infinity already was at airtables level you wouldn’t have to pay a one time fee, but a monthly fee to get access.

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I paid the lifetime fee and I didn’t choose the monthly payment. So I have to stay :grinning:

I created some workarounds like entering the beginning- and endtime in decimal numbers. The time difference is calculated by formula but even then I have to write the result by hand as a number for being able to calculate by Infinity. My goal is to automate the tasks as much as possible. :cry:

I heard that calculating with the formula field is on the roadmap. I would like to know when approximative. But I couldn’t find it.

It should be somewhere on the roadmap then. But I couldn’t really find it in the public. Maybe it´s on the non-public to do list of the team. Then you could contact the chat support to get to know where it´s at.

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Hello @gehring.m! Thank you for sharing your concerns.

As @micck mentioned, we are still working on Infinity every day, improving the product and building new features. Airtable has been around for much longer and they have received many large investments along the way to be able to get to where they are now. :slight_smile:

And we plan to keep building Infinity in the years to come, so we’re far from done creating this product. :slight_smile:

That being said, there might be some features still missing, but they are on our roadmap - I do invite you to check it out if you haven’t already:

Regarding the summary of formula fields, we’re definitely planning to add that and probably soon since we’re receiving a lot of requests for that functionality lately. Our customer team is constantly communicating the importance of that functionality to the product team so we’re hoping it will be moved from the backlog to their to-do list in the near future. :slight_smile:


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Hello guys! Just a quick update regarding this topic - you can now use the Summary option for Formula columns which return a number and date. That means that you can add Sum, Min, Max, Average, etc. for your number-based formulas. :slight_smile:


This is great. This is what brought me back from last year. The next thing that is very critical is getting the excessive lag out of iphone and ipad. It constantly seems to get “stuck” as if it’s waiting in a que for syncing or some such feeling.

I always have great internet and have this problem wherever I go and what ever device I use. It is embarrassing when I am sitting with a client or prospect and looking something up. I have to say “…uhhh, what a minute, hang one second, it’s almost ready”

Not very professional.

But regardless, I’m back because of the value I find in controlling my applications. But please, oh please make it faster.

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Thank you for the feedback @john2! We are periodically working on performance optimization so the speed will be getting better.

However, I’d like to perhaps hear more about your issue to see if there is some additional problem on your end. If you can reach out to our support with a bit more details, that would be great. Like, when exactly does it get stuck? For how long? Is it just a specific board or all of them, how much data do you have in the board, etc.?

Thank you!

Mostly on my iphone but also on my ipad.

I can say without equivocation it happens anytime in any board.

I only have two boards. One is not really worth mentioning it only contains one record.

The other board has maybe 10 folders. One folder has 2800 records with perhaps 20 fields. Basic contact fields. It doesn’t matter what folder I am going into, the one with 2800 records or the tasks with 6 records.

So on the phone I start up infinity, move up and down, perhaps click on the tasks folder, it just stops. Literally stops like it’s locked up. I may wait 45 seconds or even a minute. Then it starts up again. I go into the tasks folder create a new task and enter a date or some other inconsequential data and then maybe it just stops again. Literally stops. Like it’s hung up.

So if I pull out my iphone and open infinity to add a quick task I may have to wait a minute for it to “start up” Whether I’m home or in the car or walking down the street.

Same thing on my ipad.

My iphone has all the bars and 5g.

I have used many many other apps and many many databases and do not have this problem on my end with any of them.

Never have I had this type of response from any other crm or data base.

BTW I am using the iphone app.

Thanks @john2, I will forward this explanation to our dev team to see if this is something that’s “normal” because of the number of your items in one folder, or if it could be some specific issue/bug in your case.

I can make a vid if they want. Because I can reproduce it anytime.

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If you would be willing to do so, it would be more than welcome. Thank you very much! :slight_smile:

You can send it to