Sum number fields in rows


It would be great to be able to sum the number fields in each row as it is done automatically in each column.



Hey @micck,

I hope we can fit the automatic sum in rows somehow.

The thing with the columns is that it was pretty logical to include it the brackets, next to the name of the Number attribute.

When it comes to rows, it’s a bit tougher.

However, I’ve put the idea in the Suggestion Log, and we’ll discuss it further :slight_smile:




Hey Coa,
thanks for the quick reply!
Maybe the easiest would be to add that option to the numbers attribute so you can create a sum-column.



Hey there team Infinity,

The sum of columns actually seems very useful. Where can we find it?




The suggestion of @micck to add the option to the numbers attribute to create a sum column. Or perhaps create specific “Sum Column” attribute that tallies by default?

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As I think more about it, it would be even more useful to have a formula attribute:
Starting with implementing simple formulas like sum, addition and subtraction,. It could finally be used to display the present age of a person being calculated from a date attribute, or date ranges like the retention of a customer in months or years from a start date and the present day. There are many more use cases for such an attribute.



Hey @joep!

Welcome to our CF.

You can find the ‘Table summary’ option if you’re using a Table View.

Hence, under each ‘Number column’ / attribute in that table, you can hover your mouse and see an option to Sum, Min, Max, Average, etc your data.

@chrish, @micck hey guys! :slight_smile:

Formulas are in the roadmap as H-M priority task, and we’re expecting it in Q2. :slight_smile:



@coa, Thanks for explaining how to use sum of columns in table view! Before now I didn’t know that’s available. Fantastic!