Sum Of All Rows In Two Columns

I want a column to show the total sum of all rows in two columns to it’s left.

How would I write that formula?

I can see how to do SUM(column1name,column2name) to get the result for one row.

How do I make this 3rd column show the sum of all of the rows above in 2 other columns?

Hey there @JonD :wave:

Unfortunately this won’t be possible, the only way to get a total sum from one column is to actually use “summary” option at the bottom of the column.

The reason why this can’t be done is because we formulas work differently with us, they work only horizontally and per item (row) basis.

Let me know if that makes sense @JonD , thank you :pray:


Is this permanent?

That is a significant limitation.

Are there plans to fix this?

Hey there @JonD :wave:

That’s how they are designed to work in Infinity - so, I cannot really say it is a bug or its something that needs to be fixed. I, also, cannot confirm that it will be like this forever - but due to how Infinity is structured and how things work in Infinity - this is how formulas work in Infinity (per item and horizontally).

Hope that makes sense @JonD :v: