Summation of Numbers in Table View

Hi, I am creating a table where there are numbers involved.
I need to see the sum of the numbers in the columns.
Is there any way that I can get that data to show at the top or bottom of that particular column.
Also, the values should change when I add or delete the rows.
I wanted the features just like in excel.

Hi @chintan.flexell welcome!
When you hover below “Add new Row” then “summary” appears. Click on it an choose “sum”. Then there will appear the sum from this column.


Thank you very much for the update.
Also, is there any way where you can define the currency other than USD or EURO and also add comma like 1,00,000.00

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Hey @chintan.flexell,

You can create a ‘Custom’ currency, and include any unit you’d like :slight_smile: