Sync tables between boards


Let’s say I create boards A, B and C. Each board, for a different client.

Let’s also imagine, that I create within each board, a folder that contains a table. Those tables will be shared with clients, where they need to input information regarding links, texts and similar stuff.

The main idea here, is to have a hub board, where I can gather all the information from different tables within each board. As soon as the customer add the data, this data would be synced within this main hub.

How can this be achieved? If not, can you add?

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I got you.

This might be the topic similar to your request, which actually a lot of our members asked and voted for: See all tasks assigned to a user across all boards and workspaces

We put it as a priority, so hopefully, we can announce the good news soon with a precise ETA :slight_smile:

I don’t think that’s what @leonardo is referring to. I’d like to have like a master board (in Leonard’s term, a hub board), so when I update the data on another board (that perhaps contains less sensitive data for my client’s eyes), the master board (with more sensitive data that I don’t want my clients to see) gets updated too.


Hey @valtoire,

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That is available on a board level, but for now, ‘Master Board’, combining the data from multiple data, or collecting the data from all the boards is unavailable.

We are in the process of how could this be built in Infinity, and will definitely give a more clear update.

Thank you!

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Thanks for replying!

Here’s another idea to work around it: Permissions at folders/tabs level, so I can let my clients see only select folders/tabs.

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Hey @vin,

Yup, that improvement on Permissions is in the suggestions queue and will be discussed ASAP about the timeline.

Thank you so much :slight_smile:

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