Sync with google calendar


I would love to be able to import items from google calendar as items into Infinity. We use google calendar for scheduling and would love a change in google calendar to show up as a change to my calendar here on Infinity.



Hey @Maveric100!

Integration with Google calendar is definitely gonna be a part of the Integrations feature in Infinity. Maybe even among the first ones :slight_smile:

Thanks for the suggestion!



I’m sure being able to fully sync with an external calendar is important for some.

For me, a good a first step would be being able to export a calendar feed (e.g. ical) so it can be shown within Google calendar and synced to android calendar clients.



I’m out of forum votes for the time being, but consider me firmly in this camp. Calendar integration is a must for Agencies, being able to assign tasks and have due dates (and times) show up in the assignee’s calendar.

Here’s a screenshot of Ora’s fantastic (if flawed) implementation - - the only problem I have with Ora’s implementation is that it’s an event in the calendar rather than a reminder. Also would love to automatically set calendar alerts for the event or reminder (e.g. 1 week before, 1 day before, or whatever).

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Hi @coa any news/ETA about Google calendar sync option?



Hi Piotr, we’re still focused on finalizing the Zapier integration. This is our priority when it comes to integrations and then we’ll start thinking about the integrations that should come next. Google Calendar is one of the following ones for sure, but sadly I still can’t give you a definite answer or an ETA. :confused:

Oh yeah, you can also try to play with Zapier because with it you can create an automation with Infinity and Google Calendar. :slight_smile: