Synced Database with Notion (similar to Asana's integration, but obviously way better)

Notion now has a thing called synced databases, at the moment you can view and sort and integrate any synced database with any view inside a notion doc.

~ Example to understand what I mean try with Asana:
Copy a link to a database and paste into notion then choose paste as a database, then the magic happens.

Infinity databases inside Notion, would run better than Notions own.

  • If you wanted a gallery view of your infinity data Notion has it already.

  • I could keep all my data in Infinity and just choose to paste certain folders into Notion alongside the entire knowledgebase and work program written with how that data should be viewed and used, all in one document.

  • I could build visual things! For example like a habit tracker database. to be viewed and operated in a notion doc that is powered by Infinity.
    Imagine any doc, (screenshot attached) on one side of the notion page is a gallery view of all possible recurring habits for that day, Check a habit and it disappears from there and shows up in another filtered view on the left showing that days achievements. The Point with this example is I know I could build better formulas and integrations in an infinity database as notion wont let me do reminders or notifications and you cant easily grab data from other attributes easily.

  • Imagine in future finding Notion templates online (there are millions) and in duplicating it is powered by Infinity and it also gives you a basic Infinity template that is joined with it ( possibly will only work as a future free tier with limited resources) - Obvious pitfall of Notion withdrawing service, but that’s why you would need a contract or such like, whilst biding time and getting a boost while you are building your own docs, just like everyone else cloning Notion; Coda, Tana, Microsoft loop ( the one to rule them all?) Though Notion is the fans favourite and wins hands down in the viral marketing category.

  • The other major PRO (Selling Point) I could think of for infinity would be the exposure gained from it, as at the moment, Gitlab Jira, GitHub and Asana, are the only apps doing it.
    If Infinity were the 5th it would gain interest from people who have never heard of it before.

  • You could also sell an addon that allows various levels of unlocking the database. so you could edit cards in notion that sync instead of being taken to Infinity (hypothetical)
    ps… If this works you could add it to my affiliate account as I just know it would raise a fortune lol. :wink:

If you like the idea vote for it here Infinity

Excellent feature request! I’ve been embedding my Infinity tables and forms in Notion for years but I never thought about the synced database feature beyond Notion DB to notion DB.

I’m definitely going to check that out with other tools and hope Infinity will work that way soon.