Syncing with Trello?


Is it possible to keep an Infinity board synced with a Trello board? I have to use both because of different choices made by others and it would be great, if I can sync one of my boards across two platforms.



Hi @vkalogera welcome to the community :wink:

Unfortunately, natively that is not possible, even though we have an import integration from Trello that does not make them sync in any way, shape or form :frowning:

Now, what you can do is utilize our zapier integration, with it - you can make them sync, whenever there’s an item updated inside infinity, or a new item created, folder created or similar you can create new card, update an existing card, create a new board and so much more inside Trello.

You can do it both ways, if a card was created inside Trello, you can create a new item inside infinity, if a card was updated, you can update an item inside infinity and similar. It that sense, you can achieve at least some degree of syncing them together.

I would suggest visiting this link to see what is possible, actions and Triggers will help you understand what you can do.

Hope that helps.