System acting up today


Unless there is a limit on how many labels you can have, something seems to be broken.
I only have about ten but it won’t allow me to add any more.
Also, I just entered a bunch of data and it’s disappeared. It shows as being entered in the logs but it doesn’t show up in the record.
It’s like the system has short term amnesia.



Now it’s like it’s on meth even though it’s slow. Columns are being resorted at will. Rows are changing such that prior entry points are no longer there.

Grouping options just randomly change. Prior sort options disappear. It’s like it’s experiencing a meltdown or a virus infection.

I have to say I’m not feeling overly confident about my data right now.



Hey @leshenderson,

That is very, very weird.

We haven’t experienced this issue before.

A quick question: How many items and attributes do you have in that folder?