Tab Structure improvement

There is some discussion in another thread on whether Attributes or comments tab should be shown first. I am in favor of Attributes. However we can have best of both worlds as under…

  • List item Add a setting ( project wise) for user to choose the default tab to open when a task is clicked - this will allow the flexibility for each user to match his individual requirements.

  • List item Would also suggest another tab for “Checklist” Attribute - these list can be long depending on the complexity of the task - and will get lost if with main Attributes. If kept separate , it will the user in following the process and % completion can be shown at top of the tab for tracking.


Hey @autax,

Yeah, it sounds like choosing the order by yourself could be the way.

However, I think our devs are still not prioritizing this, but it’s in the suggestions/improvements queue.

Thanks for your input!

+1 for this

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