Table View : Add the "value" of a Referenced Folder

An example may be best given:

Folder A: Contains “Video Items” (rows). A row is a “Video Item” that contains name, description, and link to a video (eg. Youtube video page).

Folder B: Contains “Day Items” (rows)" (used for a sequence). A row is a “Day Item”, that contains what day, status, description, and a Video Item (Folder A).

Now, when I list the table out in Folder B, I want to see a “link to the video page” from the referenced Video Item and not the Video Item Reference. I would like to click on the video link directly to open a page from that table view.

Can this be done or added?

Hey @joseph,

If I understood correctly, you’re looking for a way to see attributes of an item from folder A, in folder B?

You can do that, aye: by using a ‘Reference’ attribute, and link the two items. However, you will see that once you expand the item in Table View, (in either modal or sidebar), you’ll see the details about your items. You can see one of the labels on those linked items, but you can see all of the attributes that belong to that item if you click on a specific item (in this example I’m showing, a crew member):


I’ll add a suggestion to the log about adding more attributes in the items linked, and that are standing in the modal/sidebar. :slight_smile:

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